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Full Version: Sip speedo
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Does anyone have any experience of setting up/troubleshooting them? I have fitted one to mine, pretty sure everything is connected up correctly. I have the new sip speedo cable sensor which replaces the original speedo cable (no magnet) and also the sip fast flow fuel tap. I am running on ac power without a battery. The time clock works as does the rev counter but only digitally not on the analogue dial as that hits maximum and stays there. Fuel flashes on intermittently even though tank is full. Everything else is totally erratic i.e. mph and temperature. Mph goes up to around 95mph when you are sitting still just revving. Scooter has also started to cut out when idling. I have a resistor plug fitted. Any ideas before i remove it all and smash it up? Cheers
Give Scotty a ring rob none of our lot has this set up ? Well I think there don't
change the plug for another, I've had a similar issue and changed plug even though it was new which sorted it

Good Luck
Cheers m8 will try that before it goes on eBay!
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