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Full Version: NO 23-Hammy's racer
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Hammy's DSC prepared production class racer.
[Image: hammy%202_zpso7m3abhm.jpg]

[Image: hammy%204_zpsweetlgx3.jpg]

[Image: hammy%203_zpsd1glcflv.jpg]
looks topper marra Wink
can't wait to see him put it to the test on the track!
[Image: 100_1543_zpsg8sohebj.jpg]

[Image: 100_1546_zpsqlnizdnz.jpg]

[Image: racer%201_zpsj1xhbhxy.jpg]
This is now a race winning scooter-Stephen Hamilton-Mallory park April 2016
Well done Scotty /hammy keep it going for the rest of the year
Hammy taking his first LCGB Production class race win at Mallory Park-April 2016

[Image: IMG_3940_zpsaguzsc55.jpg]

Hammy, Daz Westgarth and Barrie Brake late Braithwaite
[Image: IMG_3847_zpsgc0qpnel.jpg]
Anyone day tripping up to Scotland next w/end for the next race event ? By car I'll have a lift but mite take scooter if anyone is up for it , what's the best day to go ? Sat or Sunday
Go Satdy, stop over in our hospitality suite, fetch some scran and a bottle,
A little bit of footage from East fortune!
See if you can spot Hammy?
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