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Just bought myself a 53 plate Vespa PX 125. Until I passed my CBT on Saturday I hadn't been on a scooter for nearly 30 years. Like they say, it's just like riding a bike and after a few minutes it all came flooding back. Anyway, my scooter has covered 7000 km and came with the original bill of sale, all old MOT's and service history from Motech in Newcastle. It's not in bad Nick for its age but it seems to have the usual problem with the clutch, gear cables etc. Seems to go pretty well but can sometimes be a bugger to get into gear. Think I'll have to book it in somewhere to get it sortedSad
Looking forward to spending the weekends in the shed !

welcome aboard. aye, the old PX workhorse is a good choice , got a couple meself. sounds like its been neglected cables wise, which would explain the bad gearchange , also the clutch could be dry from standing. new cables and a full service, and new front brake pads should see it regain its health. happy scootering!
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